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A Life in Words

The Full Picture

Growing up, I always wanted to become a doctor... no real reason as to why, sometimes for the amount of money they made, other times because I wanted to make a difference.

Family and I never had money to even go to the movies until I was 16, so I was way out of the loop on new media, if it wasn't broadcasted to the local channels.

Once there I realized that I really liked going, went every weekend especially since 2016 was the start of AMC A-List. It was then that I realized I wanted to make my own things, but coming from a strict house hold, studying the medical field was the only thing allowed. 

Half way through college is when I decided to pursue media production and start to work on my movie making skills, as well as realizing that the first times I felt immense happiness was going to see something, even while having sad news. 

If watching movies helped me and many others, then making them for the people that need it as an escape is my way of helping people around me.

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